Yellow Space


Among the best-selling tracks on Beatport are those by the outstanding Turkish producer Yellow Space, who is of Macedonian descent. Fantastic tracks by Area Verde, Revolt Music, Movement, Mix Studio, and Tech Warriors have been released by "Outta Limits," the top-selling progressive house record label on Beatport.
Strong bass tones and hypnotic synths are combined in Erhan Hakyemez's melodies. He is one of those musicians who goes beyond conventional genres by fusing them with progressive house, melodic rhythms, and peak-time tracks. On Beatport, the superior tracks of Yellow Space peaked in the top 10 best sellers.
Numerous DJs, including Above and Beyond, Solomun, Pete Tong, Joris Voorn, Mind Against, Armin Van Buuren, John Digweed, Dub Fire, Paul Van Dyk, Stan Koley, and others, support the artist's tracks. Yellow Space began playing music in 1996 after taking their first guitar lessons. At a young age, the artist studied under his master and earned his degree in Classical and Rock music, Jazz, Blues, and many other derivatives of alternative music.
In the years that followed, the young sensation began learning the piano as a second instrument. When analog synthesizers, beatmakers, and music recording technologies were developed later, Yellow Space began to create experimental music. In 2003, the artist began working as a DJ. He became an expert in sound engineering and producer in his later years.
Talking about the universe, Yellow Space shared his stance as, “In this final stage of our world, humanity is going through difficult tests. Our planet was shaken by epidemics, wars, earthquakes and tusunamis and millions of people lost their lives. If you look at history, you will see that such events are never random. If we want a better future, we have to music more sincerely. I believe that Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance will save the Universe.”