tom voyage - an allusion to "bon voyage" - is an electronic dance music DJ based in Frankfurt/Germany. Open to many shades of electronic music from deep house to melodic techno, his aim always remains to fill the dance floor with positive energy and evoke feelings of happiness and love in the crowd. His energetic sets often mix a wide range of genres, offering audiences a varied journey. After starting out mixing and scratching funk and hip hop songs as a teenager in the 80's, he quickly discovered his love for turntables and mixers. Inspired by gigs and tapes from Italian DJs like Daniele Baldelli or DJ Yano, Tom soon became addicted to Cosmic Music, the highly creative and spacey fusion of electronic, afro and funky music, that he started his DJ career with and which fueled his still existing love for strong melodies and driving beats.In the mid 90s, Tom dived into the upcoming rave scene and turned to playing House and Techno, and later also promoted his own Base Club event series in Munich and was a regular DJ at Illectric festivals in Southern Germany. Having relocated to Frankfurt, Tom is currently resident DJ at cosmo.komplex in Bad Homburg.