My journey as a DJ began in 1995 in my childhood bedroom, where I played around with tape and vinyl singles and put together my first mixes.
I was particularly enthusiastic about American hip-hop from the nineties and drum and bass from London.
I quickly found myself at local events and eventually secured a residency at E-Werk. The years between the late 90s and 2006 were an exciting time for me. The Quer-Club and Betty Ford Hamburg were my DJ home and I became an integral part of the scene.
And then?
I became a father and this task was more important to me than being a DJ. Being there for my son meant everything to me so I sold all my records for €500. (!!!!!!!) and devoted myself to my family tasks. My equipment went for the children's room interior.
After a break of 20 years, a woman managed to buy back all the records and awaken a passion for DJing in me.
It's time to share my love of music with others again and get the dance floors shaking again!