Tian Maier


Growing up in the wild 90s with Trance from Frankfurt/M, UK Drum & Bass/Jungle, Techno & House, which came to Germany with the Detroit Techno & Chicago House wave, the fire for faster beats was quickly ignited.

All possible influences from clubs, festivals and the own vinyl-record collection led to today's mix, which is characterized by a fondness for percussive and driving rhythms.
The genre interests vary from Deep House, Afro - / Tech-House to Deep-Tech and several others.

An own ongoing mix series called Primary Elements, is published regularly.
Some nice live performances were also played in local clubs and a monthly Slot on Ibiza Stardust Radio began with fresh and tribal tunes.

I like to captivate people with my sounds, to build a common thread in my sets/tracks and tell a story with the music.