The Groove


For The Groove, music is more than a hobby or a party concept. Music is life itself. It’s a form of expression, a freedom from the society’ boundaries of who you should be and how you should act. It is exactly this freedom of expression that inspired The Groove to enter the electronic music industry and to do what he does best: Groove with his people.
The Groove’s journey started in 2017, when he joined Capadi Rebels, a promotion agency located in Ibiza, Spain. Being a promoter, The Groove quickly familiarized himself with the party scene on the island, working for the biggest clubs such as Amnesia, Pacha, Hi Ibiza, Privilege, Eden. While working for such clubs, he was continuously observing DJs and was highly fascinated and motivated to one day start his own journey.
However, it was not until 2022 when the Groove finally bought his mixer to turn his passion into a reality. In those 5 years, the early influences of the party scene in Ibiza were blended with the special underground scene of Berlin, where he frequently partied for 3 years.
Nowadays, both influences can be found in his DJ mixes, combining two different worlds in one sound, which can be seen in the highly diversified sets, a mixture of House, Tech-House, Deep-House, Afro-House, Afro-Tech, Indie-Dance, Indie-Disco – in other words everything within House and its subgenres. While inspirations are always present in his sound, The Groove have always preferred to follow his own path rather than to follow the industry trends, staying true to himself and to his selections.
At the moment, The Groove resides in Berlin. He is a resident of Ibiza Stardust Radio, a leading radio station in the White Isle, where he came up with his own concept, Funk It Up, spinning funky and groovy beats, between House, Disco, and in-betweens. Besides that, the Groove regularly releases in Soundcloud another concept, In the Moment, bringing in timeless sounds, old and new, and revealing his playful and joyful character that surrounds him.