SYNTONOS - dj/electronic sound producer born in Ukraine, now based in Barcelona/Spain, who creates music in the styles of deep & organic house, afro house & progressive, as well as breaks/breakbeat.
The music project SYNTONOS appeared as a result of quarantine restrictions due to Covid-19, which allowed him to delve deeper into making electronic music, which resulted in the creation of his first EP, which has already been released on Cafe de Anatolia LAB on November 25, 2022.
Track “Dancing in the Sky" has been receiving a positive response and has garnered support from the Billy Esteban (Co-Founder at Cafe De Anatolia). It was even featured in their music selection on Apple Music's “Nomad Trail”.
In May 2023, his single "ROAD" took first place in the voting on the French NFT platform PIANITY and was released on May 13 in an exclusive package (only 100 copies). The money from this release will be split between the artists and the Ukrainian charity fund ONUKY. This single "Road" was supported Vibronica Festival (Ukraine) and was released on Soundcloud on July 29th.

What does it mean Syntonos? In translation from Ancient Greek means - harmonious, consonant, accordant, and consistent with oneself.
SYNTONOS, through music, sends the listener on his fascinating journey, where he is a guide, immersing the listener in an atmosphere of combining nature and music, involving the sound of synthesizers, percussion, and various musical instruments, featuring them with vocals, which makes his tracks recognizable.
Syntonos has a more the 10 years experience on the decks and after moving to Barcelona, he was the resident in Redsession’s community.
Synthonos has over 10 years of experience on decks, and since moving to Barcelona he has become a resident in the Redsession community.