I am a Ukrainian-born DJ Streamer based in Toronto, Canada. As a veteran in the house & trance music scene, I rediscovered my passion for electronic music while on maternity leave with my son during pandemic lockdown and fell in love with melodic and progressive sounds all over again. Like many of us, I found comfort and healing in music during this challenging time, and it helped me get through the uncertainty of life as a first-time parent in isolation from others. At 37 and as part of my new year’s resolution for 2023, I realized that life was too short and decided to finally learn how to DJ as my ongoing dream from teenage years.

With the help of online tutorials, Crossfader DJ courses and various online DJ communities – I progressed very quickly and landed several resident DJ spots on numerous radios around the world. My long-term dream is to produce music and DJ my own tracks with the goal of spreading joy through uplifting & energizing melodic sounds, and I want to inspire others that it’s never too late to do what you love regardless of age and your life circumstances.