Born on November 8th 1997, in Niscemi a colorful and picturesque town of Sicily in Italy.
Despite his young age, at 10 he begin his passion for the Djing. At the age of 13 he begin to perform in the most fashionable clubs of Niscemi. Refining the sound not dwelling in a only one genre, but spacing in the world of house music. In 2014 he collaborates with various groups of the territory making his sound known in the best clubs in Sicily. In 2016, with the desire to combine passion with work, he moved to Milan to study and refine his technique, creating a personal and unique sound. On November 2, 2017 it released his first single "Do not Say" on Nexima label. On November 15, 2018 is back in play and Higher releases a collaboration with Jane Devon, released by executiva music. In 2020 he released “One more time”, on the music executive label, and was chosen by HIT MANIA summer 2020.