Name: Robert Anthony Green
DJ Name: Robert Anthony Green
Location: Dreieich, Germany
DJ Career: 28 years
DJ Mentors: Carl Cox, Taucher, Dag, Pascal F.E.O.S Resident DJ: Ibiza Stardustradio, Ibiza Underground Radio Also sets on Digital X Radio, Frankfurt
Robert Anthony Green – he is also known professionally as Robert Anthony Green based in Dreieich, Germany. He has been DJing for 28 years now and the musical journey has been an interesting experience him. He learned to play electronic music by watching his mentors work their magic on the tables and hypnotize the crowd with sounds and beats and mixes. That after seeing and feeling those vibes he decided to become a Techno DJ.
He ́s is currently not playing in clubs as Resident at the right not. You can find him @ Ibiza stardustradio, Ibiza Underground Radio, Digital X Radio.
Oh, by way he must mention that he is also considered an All-around DJ. He does Private Parties, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Company Parties. This also means that he can play many different Music styles (Genres) if requested. He also has Music equipment for these events.
But I must be honest his true love is electronic music; his favourites are Progressive House / Melodic House & Techno. He believes that track is more than just a beat that each and every listener should feel the same feeling that the DJ is feeling when he is mixing it.
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