Rafa Polo


With an overflowing passion for electronic music and a deep love for the Costa del Sol, DJ Rafa Polo has established his name as a benchmark in the private events scene in the region. As founder and CEO of Polo Music, he has raised the standards of sound experiences in the Mediterranean, offering not only music, but a symphony of emotions.

Inspired by electronic masters such as Sébastien Léger, Rodriguez Jr. and Lee Burridge, Rafa has forged a unique style that fuses the deep emotionality of melodic house with the freshness and vitality of organic house. His goal is clear: to take his audience on a journey full of emotions, where each note and rhythm transports them to a state of pure happiness.

Bringing together some of the best electronic talents in Andalusia under the umbrella of Polo Music, Rafa has created a space where daytime parties and evening parties take on a magical, Mediterranean character. With music that caresses the soul and lighting that envelops the senses, each event becomes an unforgettable experience.

From the first chords to the last measure, DJ Rafa Polo invites you to immerse yourself in his sound universe, where the melody is intertwined with the coastal atmosphere, creating moments that last in the heart and memory.