I fell in love with dj'ing & club culture at the ripe age of 14 when I first went to an all night rave a couple of years later I bought my first set of turn tables and my journey began. I'd watch djs for hours at the side of the booth at how they used the equipment, I taught myself to mix and beatmatch by buying 2 the same Records and practiced blending them together. I grew up in the trance years with heroes like PVD/Sash,Digweed Marco V. Over the last 5 years I have been very passionate about the progressive house movement and have made many friends and artists around the globe. 2 years ago I acquired a job working with Vesta Records run by Manu Riga & Rick pier o neil aka RPO and last year manu ask me to be their A&R for the label. I hope you will enjoy the progressive vibes I will be bringing to Ibiza Star Dust Radio. Much love Molotov ????