Mikerio, stage name of Michele Francesco D'alterio, is a talented DJ and producer of House and Tech House music originally from Naples. With a passion that dates back to his seven years, Mikerio began playing for private events, and then conquered the consoles of local discos.

2021 marked a significant moment in his career with the release of his first song, “Bottle Of Jack,” under the Claw Records label. The following year, in 2022, he made his entry with the second song, "Straight The Pose", under the Pornostar Record label. In 2023, he continued to shine with the release of "Take a Ride" through the Famillia Recordings label. His music embodies his dedication and love for the House and Tech House scene, promising a vibrant and successful future.

Mikerio -Take A Ride (Famillia Recording)
Mikerio - Straight The Pose (Pornostar Records)
Mikerio - A Bottle Of Jack (Claw Records)