Mia Kostic


Name and surname: Mia Kostić
Date of birth: 07.01.2005.
Place of birth: Banja Luka
* I am currently attending the Gymnasium in Banja Luka.
Dance career:
* Dedicated to dance for 10 years at the "City Jazz" dance school.
* Achievements in dance:
* 09.06.2013. - First place at the national championship.
* 19.10.2014. - 12th place at the IDO European couple dance championship and European hip-hop cup.
* 21.10.2015. - 30th place at the IDO world hip hop, Electric Boogie and Break dance Championships in the hip hop solo female category.
DJ experience:
* I started DJing on February 7, 2023.
* I graduated from two DJ schools:
* Atomic DJ and production school with Mladen Tomic.
* DJ school of Tibor Kljajic.