Max Fly


Max Fly is a house DJ from Ulm. Born and raised in the Stuttgart area, he developed a passion for electronic music at a young age and began his DJ career in Ulm. With his unmistakable style, characterized by powerful basslines and hypnotizing rhythms, Max Fly gained attention in the local house scene. He likes to show off his energetic sets and his skills and is constantly developing them and reinventing himself.

Through his love of music and his honesty, Max Fly has built up a community. 

He appreciates this very much and is grateful for it every day. It is important to him to meet and be surrounded by great people who support him or who support each other. With his tireless dedication to house music and his pursuit of creative development, Max Fly promises to represent a set with full dedication and love.

House is for everyone, It's a feeling, its a groove, It's passion 

Max Fly