Matt-a-Fact has vibe, Matt-a-Fact has value!  Based in London, England. 

Matt-a-Fact’s DJ style gets caught up in the escapism of music, playing a wide range of House music including all sub-house genres which leaves the cross over into EDM & from time to time, the odd bit of Trance. Braving and pushing the 'don't do' limitations of DJ etiquette, which captures the attention of his audience, leaving them debating whether his sounds are either genius or controversial. 

When not performing, Matt is constantly practising in his home DJ studio, developing his sound and releasing multiple Vibe Values mixes together. This is the reasoning for the tagline “Vibe Values! What’s Your Vibe?!” Matt is continuously looking to connect to his listeners, seeking to interact and take them on his musical journey.    

Matt first took an interest in DJing whilst working in nightclubs, getting the opportunity to chat with and learn from the top DJ’s and Artists of that era, including Trevor Nelson, Dave Pearce, Fat Man Scoop, Big Brovas, N-Dubz, DJ Luck & MC Neat. It was through these conversations that Matt's love for DJing has its roots. It wasn’t until March 2020, Matt had reignited his interest and being introduced to the studio by a close friend, Just Like Joe. ​

From then, Matt started investing in himself, purchasing turntables and polishing up his skills. He started creating his mixes and uploading onto streaming platforms with one objective in mind – becoming that DJ. ​

Since August 2021, Matt-a-Fact has managed to perform to various live crowds, including many at the infamous EGG LDN where on separate occasions Deborah De Luca's, and Nora En Pure were headlining. Amongst the opportunity to gig at bars, lounges in and across London including Sushi Samba, Flat Iron Square and Privé. Matt has since landed a Residency on the Digital Radio platform, Ibiza Stardust Radio. ​

Matt-a-Fact has continued to press-on, affiliating with LSA (London Sound Academy), and achieving a Distinction in the Elite DJing course in March 2022.​

In April 2022, Matt-a-Fact was provided the opportunity to warm-up for the DJ House sensation, Nora En Pure and again May 2023, where on both occasion's performing in front of a sold-out venue, over 1,800 capacity! Matt-a-Fact since then has gone onto DJ at other top infamous venues such as XOYO & Ministry of Sound. 

Vibe Values! What’s Your Vibe?!