M A G S is a multi-genre house and techno DJ turned artist/producer from Toronto, Ontario Canada. M A G S draws a variety of inspiration from artists like John Summit, Fisher, Mark Knight, Bob Sinclair, Nico De Andrea, Crusy, Pablo Fierro, DJ Chus and KREAM to name just a few. His style can most closely be associated with rolling basslines, deep house groves, latin/afro percussion, electronic arpeggiation and organic vocals.

Born Canadian of Irish and Slovak descent to artistic parents, M A G S comes from a music theory background having played piano and drums since childhood. He began his DJ career as many do by booking various private events and has since made a name for himself quickly in the Toronto electronic music club scene, as well as internationally.

Having had the fortunate privilege to travel most of the world and live in central Europe for extended periods of time throughout his life, M A G S has developed a deep appreciation for many genres, cultures and ethnic instrumentation. It is because of this experience that M A G S' strongest asset is his familiarity and comfortability with multiple genres and global music trends. M A G S is known for his ability to incorporate multiple themes into his performances and set a vibe with variety, excitement and surprising technical transitions.

Although newer to producing music himself, M A G S has demonstrated a consistent tack record of success thus far, and has been referred to as a 'rising star' by both local and international venues and promoters. M A G S is honored to be apart of the Ibiza Stardust Radio family as a resident DJ, and can't wait to share his music with you!