Jared Maharaj


Jared was born in Manhattan, New York in 1999. His sound is heavily influenced by his mother's sonic experiences in the first and second waves of New York house music, holding true the sounds of legendary venues such as Club Shelter and The Paradise Garage. Jared has married these deep, classic, soulful grooves to his own penchant for emotional, minimal journeys creating an eclectic sound fit for anywhere from dancing to dreaming.

Currently, Jared has identified a growing desire for the sound of the underground to make a resurgence on the island of Manhattan. He seeks to achieve this through performances with E'Klektik Kollektiv (Harry Fletcher III, DASKA, Jared Maharaj) & TONE DEAF, promoting experiences reminiscent of his mother's era as a new generation aspires to lose themselves on the dancefloor.