DJ Jan Syre
Saarbrücken Dj Jan Syre make music in his native Homeland.
For 20 years he buys not only the finest classics, but also very individual applied to the tracks.
His style ranges from deep and groovy house beats to pumping to the electronic tracks almost every party to the boil bring. other productions and remixes as in work Strike Down vs. mr. Jack (DJ MIX GON/ Jan Syre) vs Lollipop. no problem (DJGON, dj Jan Syre), SHOUT (Essential Groove 2009 demo), No Love Lost vs Stefano Noferini - Mama (Club Mix) Gon remix(dj jansyre)
In 1997 he bought his first turntables and mixing going on. Actually, the idea was to make money, not his intent.
In 2004, he said, a Promoter to a party in the regional well-known Cocktail lounge Synop of which also quickly became his first official Residency.
After a few guest appearances outside of Saarbrücken(Germany), such as Sound (Dillingen) in April 2007 he is resident DJ on the Etage Eins in Saarbrücken. The Residency was also the contact with the successful booking agency "Delicious" about.
There followed many successful party's e.g. brought In Bed with Space World Tour 2007, where he in the warm up the crowd with DJ Rooky boil or a show at Global Beats.fm.
In the summer of 2007 he learned from the Riu Palace Amadeus know in Spain. Together with Amadeus is Dj Jan Syre end
of 2007, "Essential Groove". The mix of house / electro beats and Ragga vocals and rocking every party rape !!!!! 2008, he puts together with Amadeus in clubs like the BCM or the Riu Palace auf. 2009 Event Company he founded the "Fresh Beat Promotion" in their names are a few memorable Partys emerged as Masked ball special guest of the Animals Saytek (Cubism, ZooProjectIbiza)
In 2011 he got the chance to play several Afterhours in the small club Kitu and took the chance, after that several performances followed and as a freelance DJ countless private appearances at celebrations and weddings when he started performing in a show at HFM Ibiza in 2015-2016 .
In 2022, after several successful performances for local venues in Saarbrücken and the surrounding area, his first official guest cast and residency for IBIZA STARDUST RADIO.
And doing gigs for local venues, having his first official guest cast and residency for IBIZA STARDUST RADIO. doing gigs for local venues, having his first official guest cast and residency for IBIZA STARDUST RADIO.
Discographie DJ Jan Syre
08.2004 – 03.2005 Resident @ Synop / Saarbrücken 08.2006 Technoexplosion @ Stahlwerk / Neunkirchen 02.2007 Afterhour @ Kitu Klub / Saarbrücken
04.2007 Residency in der EtageE1ns Saarbrücken 04.2007 GonShow@Etageeins/Saarbrücken
05.2007 in bed with Delicious@etageeins/Saarbrücken 06.2007 in bed with Delicious@Etageeins/Saarbrücken 06.2007 Afterhour@Kitu Klub Saarbrücken
06.2007 Dj Karotte@Etageeins/Saarbrücken
07.2007 2Elements@EtageEins/Saarbrücken 08.2007 in bed with delicious@EtageE1ns /Saarbrücken
08.2007 in bed with Space@EtageE1ns/Saarbrücken guest Jay C(Space Ibiza)
09.2007 Delicious presents Miss Divine(La Vita/Ibiza,UK) 09.2007 in bed with Delicious@EtageE1ns/Saarbrücken 09.2007 Radioauftritt bei Globalbeats FM Radioshow Gon vs. Rooky
10.2007 Gon Birthday@EtageE1ns/Saarbrücken spec. guest Olli R.(Blau)
10.2007 Paparazzi Night@Sound Dillingen
10.2007 Gon vs. Rooky@viva Illingen
11.2007 Gon vs. Rooky @etageE1ns
12.2007 Afterhour Gon vs. Rooky @Etage Eins/ Saarbrücken
12.2007 Afterhour Gon vs. Rooky @Etage Eins /
12.2007 Silvester Resident Night Erster Auftritt von
EssentialGrooves@Etage Eins /Saarbrücken 01.2008 Essential Grooves @ Etage Eins / Saarbrücken 02.2008 Afterhour Gon vs. Rooky @ Etage Eins Saarbrücken
07.2008 Essential Groove@Riu Palace Mallorca 03.2009 DJ Gon vs.Rooky @ Kituclub Saarbrücken 05.2009 Essential Groove@Jazzkeller Saarbrücken 06.2009 Essential Groove@Jazzkeller Saarbrücken 07.2009 DJ GON@EGO Saarbrücken
12/2010 Maskedball of the Animals special Guest
Saytek/Zooproject Ibiza
08/2011 Housesession @ Ut Kino Saarbrücken
10/2011 Housesession Special Kitu Club
12/2011 Housesession Special @ KituClub 01/2012-2015 Afterhour Kitu Club
01/2015 -2016 Separat Sessions HFM Ibiza Radioshow 01/2017 -2020 Private Partys