Dj Bio
I’ve had a passion for music since I could remember. As a kid I would watch music videos on repeat and sit in front of the radio for hours going from station to station. My parents always had music playing in the house growing up, whether it was the radio or on vinyl. In my highschool years Liquid became my nickname as I was always the host of a party or promoting one and now it has become my company name Liquid Entertainment for A/V & DJ services. I started going out to the clubs at a young age which allowed me to listen to great djs along the way.

Starting my career in the hotel industry, I worked events for luxury properties where I had the pleasure to work with and learn from professionals like Todd Terry, Stretch Armstrong, Cherish the Luv, DJ Premier, Quest Love and many more. I watched them dj during these events and loved how they would transition from song to song and different genres. It inspired me to start djing myself. I have been blessed with lot of dj/producer friends who have always given me positive, constructive and negative criticism which makes me a better dj everyday.

Nowadays, I love playing House music and some open format. I go by DJ Ivan V and my parties/gatherings/sets on social media are called Liquid Vibes. I’ve been busy with djing private parties, cooperate events, social networking gatherings, internet radio stations in the US and Italy, lounges and my summer Liquid Vibes block party which started in 2020. I also dj for Fenty Beauty Events in the tristate area. My style is very energetic, while keeping it with house style with a touch of deep Afro Latin beat. I’m always looking for some funky/hard beats with great vocals to keep the party jumping.