My dj journey started back in the early 80s when hip hop and electro came to the u.k , i was amazed how using 2 record decks you could mix and scratch the music to create endless mixes , with that my father an electronics wizard he made me my first 4 channel mixer and a pirate radio transmitter , i would create mixes using record decks tape decks and a mic broadcast them on loop from my bedroom and me and my mates would go to school and listen to them on our walkmans .
House music then evolved in the uk around 86 chicago house then the uk's own sound acid house around 88 then the hardcore rave scene from 91-93 , spending all my money on records each week and spending hours in my bedroom mixing .
Music really has been my life and still is ,
house , tech house and drum & bass are what im into nowdays and of course i still reminisce and play those old tunes from days gone by .