House Stereo


Born in the vibrant tapestry of Mexico's musical landscape and nurtured amidst the eclectic vibes of Coachella, California, House Stereo emerges as a dynamic Electronic Music Disc Jockey. His musical journey is intricately woven into the cultural crossroads that have profoundly shaped his distinctive sound. With an unwavering passion for music discovery and curation, House Stereo effortlessly fuses a myriad of influences, crafting an exhilarating atmosphere that transcends both borders and genres.

From the pulsating rhythms of Mexico to the sun-soaked vibes of Coachella, House Stereo's sets are an immersive sonic odyssey that captivates audiences and etches an indelible mark on the dance floor. As he aspires to make a breakthrough in the music scene, the spotlight shines on his upcoming productions and live performances. Within the realm of House Stereo, each beat narrates a story of cultural fusion, speaking the universal language of music. Step into this mesmerizing world, where the beats weave a tale of musical diversity and connectivity.