Giorgio Scuticchio was born in Pizzo (Italy) and started his DJ career in 2022. At the beginning his experiences in the music industry inducement was as a promoter and tour manager in the summer seasons from 2010 to 2019 at Pop Fest in Puglia precisely in Gallipoli..But his passion and dream came out in these last years..His strongest musical influences came from House, Edm Progressive,and Tech house ,evolving towards Techno under its most varied genres , more recently he is touching more energetic rhythms like Future House or the more melodic aspects of Techno. In any case, his DJ sets always contain soulful vocals and well-crafted melodies. He is used to long DJ sets and his sessions gradually increase the tempo by traveling through the different styles of Techno music. 
He has performed in several clubs in southern and central Italy. Clubs such as Piper Club (Rome) in the winter and summer seasons in his home region,Calabria,he boasts a DJ set at Sensational White ,cover of the Famous Sensation White festival,as a new talent,and participation in side events in clubs such as Cool Bay resort,747,Puntacana,Chiringuito,L'oasi,White club,Tropix,Vanilla in the years between 2021 and 2022.
Giorgio Scuticchio currently lives in Milan and where he has his studio there being also a new producer
He released his first 3 tracks in 2023,where his single got great fed back from the label world,in fact 'Broken heart' by Giorgio Scuticchio was played in the last set done by MR Solomun,in mar du plat,at Nim Festival.
His genre influences in producing music are generated from participating in MAT school video courses ,including video coaching were Meduza,Luca Agnelli,Pete Tong.
He now permanently plays in radio for IBiza stardust radio,where he was welcomed for his great desire to emerge and work hard.
It is this work through his radioshow SubMission 2.0 ,great feedback and to acquire a position of Resident Dj and after to be part of Stardust Agency in early 2023.As his latest work his first album to be released ,via 4 singles , on 25.02.2023,under the name 'Paradise Reflection'S'
Conceived after a long period of professional reunion.