I'm simply a music lover, born, raised and aged (as well as a good wine) in Italy, even better south Italy, the best place on Earth.
Artistically started in 1999 with vinyl and turntables up to evolution with all the possible DJ electronic instruments, CDJs and controllers. In my career, so far, i have had the honor of sharing the console with artists like Joe T Vannelli, Hector Romero, Ananè Vega, Reboot, Ilario Alicante, Emanuele Inglese, Luca Agnelli, Alex Neri, The Martinez Brothers, Moodyman and to perform throughout all the best clubs in my Puglia and also in Milan, Rome, Gallipoli, Riccione, Zanzibar, Sharm el Sheikh, Malaga and Ibiza.
I play downtempo, organic house, progressive house and electronic music.
In November 2023 my first track released on ETS\ Record "Sunset in Ibiza" and actually i'm proud to be a resident DJ for Ibiza Stardust Radio.
God Bless the music, see you around!