Gianmarco Rellini aka DJAMMA is a club and event DJ with over 7 years of experience in the industry despite still being very young. He has his own equipment including mixer and CDJ; he always likes to arrive early to events and does not need assistance with set-up and take-down.
The music he plays and produces, which is on all music platforms (SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) and which he loves, is Tech House, but he does not disdain to play commercial and sometimes Techno as well.
From small ceremonies to public parades to club nights, he makes sure that an unforgettable event always takes place and that the audience has the best time. He consults in multiple meetings with his clients to make sure he knows their taste and musical needs, and during the event he adapts to the audience and the course of the party or evening, even accepting requests.
DJAMMA is used to dealing with both private and public settings, plays for very important audiences with hundreds and hundreds of people in attendance, and always has 100% satisfied clients.
He has been collaborating for at least a year with several Italian radio stations and for the past few months DJAMMA has also been playing for Ibiza Stardust Radio.
He plays in many Italian cities and is resident DJ of several clubs.