Antonio Diogo, Portuguese in descent, is a born & bred johannesburg boy, connoisseur of House of the deep tech flavour & funky variety, superlative South African DJ, prolific music producer, remixer extraordinaire, creative director & entrepreneur. Better known & more easily recognizable to revelers as Dj Tony D, his DJ alias, he has long been heralded by peers as one of the most naturally gifted spin doctors to emerge from this rainbow nation.Like many an aspiring beat pimp his voyage into music began early. As far back as 2008, Tony’s bedroom was deemed the fit to serve as the venue for his education in the art of mixing & eventual rise in status to that of qualified bedroom DJ. Later, neighbourhood house parties were the practice grounds for future DJ performances & the apprenticeship to earn him fledgling residencies at two multiple nightclubs, throughout his career he has played in multiple countries and alongside one of his idols, grammy award winning black Coffee. Tony has now set his next chapter in the UK by moving to Leeds to bring his unique style of djing to the greater part of Europe.