dj steve aka esteban molina dj


DJ STEVEE aka Esteban Molina DJ is an Italian DJ born in 1986 in Milan.
I've always been attracted to music since I was a kid, I was listening to 90's dance music when I was 10 years old
with the passage of time and with the technological evolution I started to create my first radio compilations
which I then gave to friends or girlfriends.
after my studies I began to deepen his mixing technique through specific courses
@Nam Milano @MAT Aademy @Aulart and I have to thank them if they gave me the opportunity to learn the most beautiful job ever.
I also thank all the people I have known or who trust me.

Over time I have discovered many genres and I have built and refined my taste in composing deejay sets.
I don't call myself a dj producer yet because I'm still far from that goal but in the future who knows...
never say never
All my live sets are available on: Soundcloud, Mixcloud.