Born in Costa Rica, Jose was exposed to the music world from birth through his father, a once famous singer and musician prior to his untimely passing. After Jose’s father passed away in 1981, his mother decided to move to the United States looking for a better life for both her children. After going through the legal process to enter the U.S., the three of them arrived in New York City in 1982.During this time many musical things were happening all over Manhattan that left a lasting impression in his still callow mind. Everyday life would expose him to break dancers on the streets and subways, as well as the 1980’s graffiti culture and rappers with djs at block parties. By 1986 Jose was already frequenting some night clubs with his older friends. Enjoying the night life in the big city, Jose began his real interest in the music world. Although his musical curiosities were being roused it would not be as a musician, but as a dj. Being young and not well to do, it was difficult to have dj equipment, so in 1987 Jose re-wired a radio dual cassette player so he could practice mixing music like the night club djs.By 1990, he had a basic dj setup and started to buy vinyl records and playing at small parties with his friends. Although Jose was happy having fun as a dj, he decided to join the U.S. Navy after several failed attempts at college. While in active duty Jose was afforded the opportunity to live in different places like San Francisco, Hawaii, Guam and Japan. While in San Francisco and Japan he was able to dj at a few night clubs only to make him seriously contemplate a career as a vinyl record spinner.In 1994 shortly after enlistment and still uncertain of a music career, Jose commenced a career as a Graphic Designer. Playing music at night clubs and parties was still a big part of his life. Eventually his reputation grew and Jose was asked to do a radio show. From 1994 until 1998 Jose maintained a slot at WXCI in Danbury Connecticut. By 1998, Jose became once again impatient and made another endeavor at college and finally graduated in 2003 with a degree in Graphic Design. At this time he was introduced to the rave scene by two of Jose’s great friends. While in college he played in many underground rave parties with some of the famous djs in that culture.Two years after graduation, he was offered an opportunity to work for a major newspaper in Atlanta, Ga as a designer. As fate would have it, Jose reconnected with an old friend from his days at WXCI who had been living in Atlanta for several years. His friend would acquaint him with the underground night club culture in this new city. There he and his dj partner and great friend held one of the best nights in Atlanta for the underground House Music scene. During the same period he began doing internet radio shows that were being broadcasted to FM radio programs across the planet.From 2005 until 2009 Jose lived in the southern city. He returned to New York City and continued to pursue more schooling. In 2010 he started school for web programming and web development at Hunter College. By 2012 Jose was working as the web guru for a marketing company in Queens, NY. and for the first time since his time in the Navy Jose did not have time to dedicate to music. Persuaded by his future wife, in 2013 he decided to move to Connecticut to continue his studies.Fascinated by hard coding of HTML, Javascript and other programs, he enrolled in a local four year university to major in Computer Science. By the time Jose reached his junior year he elected to change his major from computers to music. Never having played any instruments, Jose took on the challenge to learn how to play the piano as well as reading and writing music. Now a music major he envisions becoming a music producer and composer once he is through his formal musical erudition.