DJ Gmaj


Gmajor (Greg Allan Wiles) began his journey into the DJ world at only 8 years old when making mixtapes of radio recordings to imitate what he heard on the airwaves. He started classical music education at the age of 11, picking up instruments such as the trumpet, French horn, and bass for jazz groups. His turntable introduction was in 1998 as House music took over his interests and since then he has held residencies in Tempe, AZ; Atlanta, GA; and his hometown of El Paso, TX. The Major is a co-founder of the production trio Fever Audio, with releases on BasicLux, Base Industry, and Keihatsu Digital. These days you can catch him out with the Late Night Social Club, the most forward-thinking collective of DJs in the Southwest. He is also a regular on the streaming network of Radio Kosmos, presented by FM Stroemer out of Germany. Check out Mixcloud and SoundCloud for the latest mixes from the man, including a downtempo series titled "The Warm Up" and his crowd favorites, the "Changing Seasons" series.