Danko Skystöne


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Based in Melbourne, Danko Skystöne creates dance music with true heart and emotion, a unique sound that's dynamic and driven by beautiful melodies, and deep rhythms……..

Specializing in Organic House, Melodic House and Techno, and Progressive House, Danko Skystöne is a versatile artist who seamlessly blends genres to create captivating sonic experiences.

His dedication to the craft extends beyond the studio, as Danko Skystöne hosts a monthly radio show airing every 2nd Wednesday on INSOMNIA FM, where he shares his latest musical discoveries and takes listeners on a sonic journey through his eclectic taste in electronic music.

Collaborating with world-renowned DJ & Producer Austin Leeds, together they have crafted both originals and remixes that breathe new life into new productions and timeless classics.

With a passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music and a knack for creating immersive sonic experiences, Danko Skystöne continues to leave his mark on the global dance music scene, captivating audiences with his infectious energy and unparalleled creativity. Join him on his journey as he explores the intersection of melody, rhythm, and emotion, creating music that resonates with the soul and challenges the mind.