Cristi Hernz



Miami-Beach based Cuban Spanish DJ and Producer, from Miami Beach, FL.
Cristi, now 26 years old, started Djing when she was only 11 years old.
Her journey began with open format and is now producing and mixing house music. Cristi is
known for playing all genres with an emphasis on percussion sounds to add the latin tropical
flavor that represents Miami energy through beats.
To that end, in March 2023, Cristi founded Selva Beats MIA, platforming Miami artists to
represent Miami energy through beats. Through Selva Beats, Cristi united people far and
wide through the sound of music with the unmistakable Miami energy. Within this past year,
she has already hosted and platformed European artists from the Canary Islands, Italy,
United Kingdom, and Portugal.
Traveling, music, good vibes, family and friends are what define her personality and
inspiration with music.