CRIS is a house music DJ based in Mexico. Since he was a teenager his love for electronic music took him from rave to rave. He started Djing at the age of 25 when a Red Axes performance took his breath away and made him felt in love with the art of Djing.
CRIS's mission in the music industry is to spread exquisite jams and make people fall in love with the melodies and rhythms that house music presents.
Inspired by Red Axes, Polo & Pan, Polocorp, Dan Solo, Yuksek, Lewis Offman, and many more, CRIS music is full of fresh melodies, exotic vocals, and psychedelic grooves. Combining house music from 90 to 130 bpm, make sure to follow his monthly show "Psychedelic Grooves" to get sprayed by fresh music and exquisite beats