BrickHouse Baby


BrickHouse Baby, aka Angel Dawkins, is an Orlando, FL native who is a DJ and house/techno producer. The alias BrickHouse Baby derives from being a jacked, empowered woman who's built like a brick house from the ground up.

EDM is BrickHouse Baby’s favorite genre of music, and she’s had a passion for the electronic dance scene since childhood. Years later after graduating college from the University of Florida, she decided to pursue her dreams in dance music. Her mixes and sets consists of sub-genres such as house, tech house, techno, bass house, dance/electro house, progressive house, melodic house & techno, electronic, Latin house, and UK garage. 

BrickHouse Baby’s purpose is to express her love for House & Techno in a way that makes people feel the sound in their souls. From thumping basslines, to soul-touching melodies and beats, EDM changed and impacted her life in ways one can’t imagine. Her goal is to spread that love, joy, peace, and positivity through her music so others can enjoy the life-changing EDM sound through house music, too. 

You can catch her daily live sets and song mixes featuring many house music genres on her YouTube Channel (@BrickHouseBaby) and more DJ/Production content on her IG (@brickhousebaby_) !