“I want to house you all night long…..” There really is no better way to describe the energy pulsating from his fingertips, shooting across the mixer and penetrating the dance crazed crowd. Everyone loves house music, but Benny S lives for it.

Benny S made his DJ debut on Melbourne's queer scene in 2012, adding his name to some of Melbourne's biggest events and clubs of the era; the Greyhound Hotel, Rock City and Sircuit to name a few. Fast forward several years and his sound begins to digress under the heavy influence of Melbourne's DJ royalty, firmly landing on his feet in the broad realm of house music.

Dirty, deep and funky is how he describes his sound, seamlessly shifting between uplifting nu disco vibes to grungy early morning jackin' and deep house. No matter what tracks he whips out, you can bet you'll be bopping your head days after you've left the club. In addition to live mashups, Benny draws on thumping basslines, strong gospel vocals and killer hooks helping him to create an atmosphere which will undoubtedly shake you to the core.

"For me, being a DJ is all about facilitating an epic journey for everyone on the dance floor. Every single track in my collection triggers a different range of emotions, and that's when the artist in me takes over. I'm really just a puppet master tugging on your heartstrings, leading you down a rabbit hole where the rules are obsolete."

Benny S is a resident DJ at Onesixone nightclub and The Social in Melbourne, plays regular guest spots at familiar venues all around town and hosts not one but two radio shows.