"Sven Philippsen, also known as "Benito," is a German electronic DJ who resides in Bern, Switzerland. Benito began DJing in 2012 in Basel, and since then, he has been performing regularly at various venues in Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.
Since 2022, Benito has been signed by Sensual Records in Ibiza and has established his own label called Resetevents. He collaborates with international artists from around the world through his label. Starting in 2023, Benito became a resident Du at Ibiza Stardust Radio, hosting a monthly show there.
His music style is unique, blending different genres in his own distinct way. Benito's sets include Techhouse, Techno, Melodic Techno, and also Deephouse.
• 2022: Benito - Housemusic (Sensual Records Ibiza)
• 2023: Benito - Groove (Sensual Records Ibiza)
• 2023: Benito feat. Liz B Romo - Breeze of the Rain (November 2023)