Alex went to his first rave in 1992 - it was Mind, Body, Soul & the Universe. This was a life changing moment where 10,000 people in a marquee were at one with the music and were riding the highs with the DJ and MC. The music was what united people from a myriad of backgrounds and parts of society - it was the early stages of what we know has become a global movement today.Buying his first Technics 1210s in 1994 was the beginning of a passion that Alex still feels to this day. This journey has taken Alex through many genres, from Jungle and Drum & Bass, to Techno, to the House, Latin House & Deep House he plays most today. The focus is always on the quality of the tracks and blending them in a way that produces something which is greater than the sum of its parts.Alex moved to Australia in 2008 and settled in Perth, Western Australia in 2015. When COVID hit everything moved online and Alex streamed live for one of the first virtual festivals - Blazing Swan Virtual Perception Festival (Australia’s Burning Man), then Colorado’s Burning Man spin off virtual festival and then for Amsterdam’s Dreamuze Theme Camp for Europe’s Burning Man virtual festival. More recently Alex regularly streams online sets for Going Viral DJs and The Pirates of Perth.Alex began his residency on Ibiza Stardust Radio early in 2021. This has been a great and ongoing experience.As things have started to open up again, Alex has founded a DJ collaborative in Perth called Sonus Sol. They play venues that give them the freedom to do things their own way and create different experiences for their audiences, sometimes including a live vocalist alongside the DJs which adds atmosphere and depth to the live performances.