Alen Vilendecic


Hi my name is Alen Vilendecic I’m 32years old,  coming from Bosnia and Hercegovina, my passion for music started at a very young age, started listening to 90’ and 2000’s RnB and Hip Hop,then I transitioned to electronic music such as house and techno.And in the year 2009 i started to grow more interes in DJing an started to watch DJ sets an wanted to learn how to DJ.
Then in the following year i asked a DJ who’s my good friend to teach me some off the basics.Then I practiced for few years and in the year 2016 i did my first performance I na private party and i did great then a few days after, i got i call from a friend that owns a bar and he heard that I did a great set on the party and asked me to come to his bar do a gig.From there on i started to get more gigs and I was happy about it but two years after in 2018 i finished my second college and started to work as an art teacher in middle school, then i dint have much time do gigs and focus mostly on teaching.And then in 2023 i got a call from my DJ friend that showed me the basics of DJing to come to his DJ school to bring back my skills and to perform whit him in a night club, and I joined in two months of his DJ school he decided to book me as a warmup DJ in that club, and then I found myself DJing almost every weekend, and had some bigger gigs like the white party on rooftop of Galleriy. And since then I’m trying to generate bigger audience mor bigger gigs to show my skills and play the music I love.