About us

Fast facts

Music genre: Progressive Ibiza House. Balearic sound

Launched: November 2018

DJ Residents: 210

Audience: 4 million unique listeners since launch, 200,000 unique monthly listeners

Reach:  223 countries worldwide

Our story

Ibiza Stardust Radio first launched to the public in November 2018 as a passion project and an experiment of KNEZ, DJ and Producer from Ibiza. His mission was to broadcast the very best of the sound of Ibiza to music fans, with a deliberate focus on deep house, underground and the best Balearic beats -  the enduring, inimitable and original musical spirit of the White Isle.

Why Ibiza Stardust Radio is different

Freed of the commercial pressures of an FM licence Ibiza Stardust Radio has instead worked to make itself available on as many streaming and multimedia platforms as possible - everything from Mixcloud to Deezer and well-known entertainment platforms like Apple Music and Alexa.

DJ talent

Ibiza Stardust Radio has welcomed DJs from all over the world. It is a truly global radio outfit with one common theme - the love of the sounds of Ibiza.

Each month more than 100 DJ sets are submitted for the Guest Show spots. All mixes go through rigorous quality control with only the best mixes selected. If any DJ fails to get through, they are invited to submit again, since everyone deserves a second chance.

More than 1500 guest shows have been aired since launch, which has spawned the current number of 180 regular Ibiza Stardust Radio Resident DJs. The station is available in 223 countries globally and airs between 10-20 new mixes daily.

Countless DJs have reignited their careers on Ibiza Stardust Radio. The platform gives unique support for new, raw and emerging talent to get airspace and develop a DJ career. The station has helped to give many of its DJs the confidence to branch out into live sets at big events as well as get airtime on other dance music platforms.

How we work with DJs

Anyone can submit a set for consideration for a Guest Show. The aim is to help any DJ looking to launch themselves and develop their career, whether they are starting out or getting back into mixing.

SUBSPACE - the next frontier

A new series of live events begins on 17 September 2022 at Ibiza Town venue NUI Ibiza called SUBSPACE co-created together with talent management outfit and sister company Stardust Agency. SUBSPACE gives the agency’s stars a chance to develop their careers even further, especially those that have no or limited live experience. In 2023 a new set of SUBSPACE events will be announced to take place during the course of the year.